Compendia Virginica

Compendia Virginica

  • Time to Leave

    Photo from "Answer at Once," edited by Katrina M. Powell

    Time to Leave

    Some one million people visit Shenandoah National Park annually, so clearly its creation in the 1930s has had a lasting impact. But it’s not as well known that some 500 families were forced to move off their land to make way for the park. more


  • The Big Story

    Courtesy of The Smithsonian

    The Big Story

    In 1903 the Virginian-Pilot newspaper got one of the biggest scoops ever, thanks to the efforts of a 19-year-old cub reporter and a barrel of Lynnhaven oysters. more

    Jan 8, 2016


  • The Lady of Belvoir

    Tyler Darden

    The Lady of Belvoir

    George Washington would not have become the man he was without the help of Sally Fairfax. She mentored the young Washington and fired his ambition, and the two by all accounts shared a hidden—forbidden—love. more

    Aug 20, 2010


  • Mecklendburg-County-Seat.jpg

    The Mecklenburg County Seat

    Johnson chairs are among Virginia’s most coveted homegrown antiques. more

    Jan 15, 2015


  • A-Century-of-Tradition.jpg

    A Century of Tradition

    There’s nothing more fun than a good, old-fashioned, longstanding sports rivalry to get everyone all worked up and angry. A look back at the UVA-Tech rivalry, which was going strong 110 years ago. more

    Nov 5, 2015


  • moonshine-thumb.jpg

    Toil and Trouble

    Appalachian DIY liquor makers feel the heat. more

    Sep 21, 2016


  • painting-thumb.jpg

    A Man in Two Worlds

    Gari Melchers has a faint sign on Interstate 95—but who was he? The story of one of Virginia’s great but largely forgotten artists and the legacy he left the state. more

    Nov 5, 2015


  • skymont.jpg

    Peace, Love and Subud

    Nearly 40 years ago the followers of an obscure spiritual movement made the Shenandoah Valley their home. more

    Oct 8, 2015


  • mabry1.jpg

    Jack Betts

    Mabry’s Marvel

    The Blue Ridge Parkway’s iconic Mabry Mill came dangerously close to decay and destruction last year, until friends of the popular parkway outpost intervened to save its massive waterwheel. more

    Jan 11, 2016



  • swannanoa-thumb.jpg


    The Blue Ridge Palace of Love and Good Vibrations. more

    May 2, 2016


  • raven-thumb.jpg

    A Raven Rivalry

    Poe’s famous bird is a grim twist on a Charles Dickens pet. more

    Oct 20, 2016

    The Daily Post

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  • hiking-thumb.jpg

    Take Me to the River

    Jack Cooksey travels to the New River Valley for some outdoor adventuring, but finds even more to enjoy in this ruggedly stunning part of the state. more

    Oct 12, 2016


  • Lewis-Ginter-thumb.jpg

    Garden of Grace

    Director of Horticulture at Richmond’s Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is a post tailor-made for Grace Chapman Elton. more

    Oct 11, 2016


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  • going-gladiator-thumb.jpg

    Going Gladiator

    When a pair of gym partners had enough of their regular workout, they started their own hardcore training program, and today, they’re ready to pump you up. more

    Mar 11, 2015

  • Michael-Do-photography-PrincesCourt-glasswall-IMG_2919.jpg

    Courtly Love

    The labyrinth of hallway passages and staircases that lead to Prince’s Court, secluded deep within the Regency Sport and Health Club in McLean, foreshadows the curious activity one encounters there: real tennis. more

    Feb 26, 2015

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