Compendia Virginica

Compendia Virginica

  • skymont.jpg

    Peace, Love and Subud

    Nearly 40 years ago the followers of an obscure spiritual movement made the Shenandoah Valley their home. more


  • Grand Ambitions - Feature

    Jeff Greenough

    Grand Ambitions: Bedford

    Bedford has a National D-Day Memorial and big dreams for becoming a tourist destination. As one resident says, " We do like to see folks come and see how we live." more

    Jul 13, 2010


  • Aftonpanorama1_2.jpg

    Rob Scharetg

    Afton: Mountain, Myth, Legend

    Crossing Afton Mountain is like crossing the Mississippi, a divide between the east and west of Virginia. more

    Oct 30, 2014



  • Pre-1863 Virginia map

    Courtesy of the Virginia Historical society

    How the West Was Lost

    John Brown’s raid, 150 years ago, was a practical failure with massive ramifications. It lit the fuse leading to the Civil War, and, as MARY MILEY THEOBALD writes, set in motion the creation of the 35th state, “West, by God, Virginia.” more

    Nov 20, 2009


  • The Iron Forger and the Gold Digger

    Jones photo by Aycock Brown; Joyce photo by Bettman/Corbis

    The Iron Forger and the Gold Digger

    Sam Jones and Marguerite Upton were each raised in Norfolk's Berkley neighborhood and came of age in the Roaring Twenties. Each went on to a life of great wealth and notoriety—but they could not have been more different. more

    Oct 13, 2010


  • spycarwait2.jpg

    Spies Among Us

    Espionage in the Old Dominion. more

    Dec 2, 2015



  • Cans-on-Display-in-Exhibit--IMG_5085-ADJ-CRP.jpg

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    A history of Virginia’s canneries, in labels. more

    Dec 2, 2015


  • Banjo Men

    Charles Larson

    Banjo Men

    Memories of a talented picker and the man credited with inventing the instrument. more

    Nov 4, 2010



  • Could I Do It Feature

    Robb Scharetg

    "Could I Do It?"

    Civil War reenactments have long been popular in the South, and they may grow more so as we approach the 150th anniversary of the conflict. more

    Jul 8, 2010



  • Seeing-Red.jpg

    Seeing Red

    The Northern cardinal looks like a superhero but doesn't venture far. more

    Nov 3, 2015


  • mabry1.jpg

    Jack Betts

    Mabry’s Marvel

    The Blue Ridge Parkway’s iconic Mabry Mill came dangerously close to decay and destruction last year, until friends of the popular parkway outpost intervened to save its massive waterwheel. more

    Jan 11, 2016



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  • meat-1613793_1920.jpg

    Hog Wild

    Wanting to reconnect with cooking, caterer Tuffy Stone leaped into the weird and wonderful world of competition barbecue. more

    Aug 11, 2017


  • img0031_rebirth.jpg

    Saving Selma

    After years of neglect from an absentee owner and decay significant enough to threaten its survival, historic Selma Mansion in Loudoun County is getting a second chance. more

    Aug 17, 2017

  • Charlottesville_23.jpg

    Comfort Zone

    Stately and elegant, Four Acres in Charlottesville is also a warm and welcoming family retreat. more

    Aug 3, 2017



  • Panama8.jpg

    Tricia Pearsall

    A Tropical Wonderland

    Boquete, in western Panama, is a mountain oasis—laid-back and full of flowers, exotic birds, raging rivers and adventure. more

    Aug 16, 2017

  • 1312817.jpg

    32 Reasons to Love Lexington

    From thinkers and makers to doers and risk-takers, Lexington is putting on a fresh face. Today, this once sleepy college town, where Lee and Jackson still loom large, is fast becoming a newly intriguing destination. more

    Aug 7, 2017


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  • Joint-Replacement-Surgeons-2016.jpg

    Moving Forward

    Top Hospitals and Healthcare 2016: Carilion introduces outpatient total hip replacements. more

    Dec 27, 2016

  • _DSC7545_FLAT.jpg

    Gathering Around

    Top Hospitals and Healthcare 2016: When memory fails, Riverside Health System's Geriatric Assessment Clinic brings individuals and their families together to plan for what comes next. more

    Dec 27, 2016

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  • Diner en Blanc-1.jpg

    Phaedra Hise

    White Nights

    The tradition of Diner en Blanc lights up in Richmond. more

    Aug 11, 2017

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