Compendia Virginica

Compendia Virginica

  • mountain-magic-thumb.jpg

    Mountain Magic

    Julie Bryce shares the story of how, 50 years ago, she and her husband, Pete, transformed Bryce Mountain Resort from a summer-only retreat into a four-season destination. more


  • skymont.jpg

    Peace, Love and Subud

    Nearly 40 years ago the followers of an obscure spiritual movement made the Shenandoah Valley their home. more

    Oct 8, 2015


  • Could I Do It Feature

    Robb Scharetg

    "Could I Do It?"

    Civil War reenactments have long been popular in the South, and they may grow more so as we approach the 150th anniversary of the conflict. more

    Jul 8, 2010



  • savannah.jpg

    Atomic Wonder

    The nation’s first and last commercial nuclear ship rests on the James River, a silent witness to American nuclear ambitions during the Cold War. Both a passenger and cargo vessel, the N.S. Savannah made history—and then was overtaken by it. more

    Mar 16, 2015


  • Virginia Moore

    Courtesy of Scottsville Museum

    Striving for “Ultimates”

    An accomplished poet and literary biographer, Virginia Moore was sentimental about Virginia and especially her adopted home town. A retrospective on the “Queen of Scottsville.” more

    Nov 6, 2009



  • Untitled-1.jpg

    William Henry Harrison

    A very long speech and a very short Presidential term. more

    Jan 11, 2011


  • Eisen.jpg

    Great Virginians

    International Harvester founder and Rockbridge County native Cyrus McCormick, Montpelier chatelaine Marion du Pont Scott, and Pulitzer-prize winning writers and editors Virginius Dabney and Douglas Southall Freeman of Richmond left lasting legacies. more

    Mar 3, 2016



  • UboatIllusFIN.jpg

    Tyler Darden

    U-boats in the Atlantic

    In April 1942, 29 crew members from a German U-boat were secretly buried at night in Hampton National Cemetery. The incident that led to their deaths was the first “bright spot in a dreadful period” for America in the early days of World War II. more

    Jan 20, 2015


  • Tuckahoe_Plantation_w.jpg

    In the Midnight Hour

    Tales of the Gray Lady and other great Virginia ghosts. more

    Sep 10, 2015



  • _DSC2798-03-final.jpg

    Boat Whisperer

    For Williamsburg boat maker Ben Thacker-Gwaltney, craft is everything. more

    Jul 28, 2015


  • BOWLoverall.jpg

    Everything's Ducky

    Echoes of the 1940s can be found at a tiny Mount Jackson bowling alley. Matt Gottlieb reports that it’s a survivor of a once-thriving, regional style of bowling. more

    Jul 6, 2015



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  • the-tie-that-binds-thumb.jpg

    The Tie that Binds

    Westover, Shirley and Berkeley plantations are living links to our country’s history, but these Colonial-era James River estates are also home to generations of three extraordinary families. The story of a deep and unique friendship. more

    Jul 14, 2017


  • DSC_0333.jpg

    Peony Party

    The showy flower flourishes at Pharsalia, a 200-year-old Nelson County estate. more

    Jul 3, 2017


  • Shirakawa_shutterstock_602221184.jpg

    Snow Country

    A journey through Japan reveals a country where modern and ancient create a haunting harmony. more

    Jul 20, 2017

  • tangiermanonboat_v1.jpg

    Cade Martin

    Tangier Revisited

    Truly an island out of time, legendary Tangier is only 12 miles away from the Eastern Shore, but decades apart. At times quaint, underneath the island’s Bible Belt exterior is a colorful past, and a (mostly) idyllic present. more

    Jul 10, 2017



  • What-Lies-Beneath.jpg

    What Lies Beneath

    The work of Slovakia-born, Falls Church-based fine art conservator Katja Gibson. more

    Jul 19, 2017

  • Reshma.jpg

    A New Season

    Following roles in hit TV shows Royal Pains and Pure Genius and in the touring version of Broadway's Bombay Dreams, trained opera singer and actress Reshma Shetty is ready for a new challenge. more

    Jul 18, 2017

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  • Joint-Replacement-Surgeons-2016.jpg

    Moving Forward

    Top Hospitals and Healthcare 2016: Carilion introduces outpatient total hip replacements. more

    Dec 27, 2016

  • _DSC7545_FLAT.jpg

    Gathering Around

    Top Hospitals and Healthcare 2016: When memory fails, Riverside Health System's Geriatric Assessment Clinic brings individuals and their families together to plan for what comes next. more

    Dec 27, 2016

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