Compendia Virginica

Compendia Virginica

  • The Lady of Belvoir

    Tyler Darden

    The Lady of Belvoir

    George Washington would not have become the man he was without the help of Sally Fairfax. She mentored the young Washington and fired his ambition, and the two by all accounts shared a hidden—forbidden—love. more

  • Drivehouse2.jpg

    Frontier Road

    Once a vital transportation route between Richmond and the mountainous reaches of western Virginia, the old Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike today roughly follows U.S. 250, U.S. 33 and Route 47, but in some ways is little changed. more

    Dec 2, 2015


  • The Liberian Jamestown - Feature

    Alex Bostic

    The African Jamestown

    Virginia and Liberia have been inextricably tied for almost 200 years. Blacks from Virginia helped to build and lead the colony that became Liberia. more

    Aug 23, 2010


  • spycarwait2.jpg

    Spies Among Us

    Espionage in the Old Dominion. more

    Dec 2, 2015



  • UboatIllusFIN.jpg

    Tyler Darden

    U-boats in the Atlantic

    In April 1942, 29 crew members from a German U-boat were secretly buried at night in Hampton National Cemetery. The incident that led to their deaths was the first “bright spot in a dreadful period” for America in the early days of World War II. more

    Sep 13, 2017


  • The-Race-to-Space.jpg

    The Race to Space

    A Langley engineer provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of NASA’s early days. more

    Apr 14, 2016


  • The Big Story

    Courtesy of The Smithsonian

    The Big Story

    In 1903 the Virginian-Pilot newspaper got one of the biggest scoops ever, thanks to the efforts of a 19-year-old cub reporter and a barrel of Lynnhaven oysters. more

    Dec 5, 2016


  • swannanoa-thumb.jpg


    The Blue Ridge Palace of Love and Good Vibrations. more

    May 2, 2016


  • skymont.jpg

    Peace, Love and Subud

    Nearly 40 years ago the followers of an obscure spiritual movement made the Shenandoah Valley their home. more

    Oct 8, 2015


  • doubledam.jpg

    State Parks Celebrate

    The Virginia State Parks System—opened in 1936 in the midst of the Great Depression—turned 75 this year. more

    Aug 8, 2011


  • Time to Leave

    Photo from "Answer at Once," edited by Katrina M. Powell

    Time to Leave

    Some one million people visit Shenandoah National Park annually, so clearly its creation in the 1930s has had a lasting impact. But it’s not as well known that some 500 families were forced to move off their land to make way for the park. more

    Nov 22, 2010



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  • 2016-12-6-VL-Oysters2823.jpg

    New Oyster Cult

    With big growth in production and a burgeoning reputation in the global market, it’s boom time for Virginia oysters. Here, we offer news from the oyster beat, and recipes worthy of the Chesapeake Bay’s star bivalve. more

    Sep 20, 2017




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  • Diner en Blanc-1.jpg

    Phaedra Hise

    White Nights

    The tradition of Diner en Blanc lights up in Richmond. more

    Aug 11, 2017

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