Compendia Virginica

Compendia Virginica

  • BEachchurch.jpg

    Chris Tyree

    The Princess Anne History Loop: Virginia Beach

    18th-century alternatives to sand and sun. more

    Aug 25, 2011


  • IMG_4592.jpg

    Surry's Stalwart

    Bacon’s Castle celebrates 350th anniversary. more

    Sep 9, 2015


  • Time to Leave

    Photo from "Answer at Once," edited by Katrina M. Powell

    Time to Leave

    Some one million people visit Shenandoah National Park annually, so clearly its creation in the 1930s has had a lasting impact. But it’s not as well known that some 500 families were forced to move off their land to make way for the park. more

    Nov 22, 2010



  • The Lady of Belvoir

    Tyler Darden

    The Lady of Belvoir

    George Washington would not have become the man he was without the help of Sally Fairfax. She mentored the young Washington and fired his ambition, and the two by all accounts shared a hidden—forbidden—love. more

    Aug 20, 2010


  • Mayo Island Homer - Feature

    Sterling Hundley

    Mayo Island Homer

    Wherein illustrator Sterling Hundley depicts Lou Gehrig hitting a ball into the James River. more

    Aug 30, 2010


  • FM2_8226_hires2.jpg

    The Origin of a Sound

    The Swing Mob collective and Virginia’s pioneering hip hop artists. more

    May 6, 2016


  • UnionVUU-Basketball620.jpg

    Courtesy of VUU, L. Douglas Wilder Collection

    One Dream of a Team

    With no money, let alone a gym, Virginia Union basketball soared for five magical years. more

    Mar 14, 2011



  • Joe Blythe Hands

    Casey Templeton

    Deep Roots

    After nearly 170 years, Virginia farms still grow some of the world’s best (and biggest) peanuts, and state processors still put the salty, crunchy morsels on tables across America. Photography by Casey Templeton more

    Nov 4, 2009



  • Aftonpanorama1_2.jpg

    Rob Scharetg

    Afton: Mountain, Myth, Legend

    Crossing Afton Mountain is like crossing the Mississippi, a divide between the east and west of Virginia. more

    Oct 30, 2014



  • becomingamericans.jpg

    Image courtesy of the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia

    Becoming Americans

    Three centuries, several farms, one museum more

    Jun 1, 2011


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  • img0031_rebirth.jpg

    Saving Selma

    After years of neglect from an absentee owner and decay significant enough to threaten its survival, historic Selma Mansion in Loudoun County is getting a second chance. more

    Nov 24, 2017


  • DSVH2539.jpg

    A New Point of View

    The Richmond home of George and Louise Freeman is a study in transformation. more

    Nov 16, 2017



  • _ATK2169.jpg

    Back to the Northern Neck

    Travel writer Terry Ward returns to the river house she knew as a child and thought she had outgrown. Follow her as she reclaims a lost sense of wonder in this, one of the state’s most timeless and fascinating places. more

    Nov 21, 2017

  • duPont

    Courtesy of University of Virginia Library

    A Tomboy's Legacy

    The yearly Montpelier races are a great time to remember Marion du Pont Scott—the first lady of American turf racing. more

    Nov 17, 2017


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  • Diner en Blanc-1.jpg

    Phaedra Hise

    White Nights

    The tradition of Diner en Blanc lights up in Richmond. more

    Aug 11, 2017

Compendia Virginica