Pie in the Sky

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Just tried one on vacation

Absolutely amazing! Bought it at Massanutten Resort in their gift shop and I am so thoroughly impressed I had to find a place to leave a review. I had the strawberry rhubarb and it is definitely home made and delicious

Jennifer 114 days ago

Ole' Time Fried Pies

I love, love, love these pies. As soon as I finish one, I want another one. I know that you deliver them all over, but how close do you come to Lexington, Va.?

Mary Ann 321 days ago

Ole Time Fried Pies

These are absolutely delicious! I get them at the Petro truck stop in Racine, VA. I can never buy enough to get me home.

Rita more than 1 year ago

Ole Time Fried Pies

These are the real deal--love 'em!

Andrei more than 2 years ago

Ole Time Fried Pies

These are wonderful

Jill more than 3 years ago

Ole' Fashioned Fried Pies

Awesome!! : )

Marzy more than 4 years ago